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Innovate with the World’s MedTech Elite

The FAU Shenzhen 深圳 Fall School offers high-speed learning as well as a unique experience in one of the leading global hubs for medical technologies and medical innovations.

This program invites you to join an excellent group of outstanding entrepreneurial academics and students as well as seasoned entrepreneurs. Together, you will visit digital leaders in the medical business, such as Huawei, Tencent, BGI or Mindray. Exclusive networking events, lectures and case study sessions with leading entrepreneurs, business representatives, and academic innovators will be part of the program.

Boost your entrepreneurial skills, exchange your ideas during the Biotechnology Summit and the Precision Medical Imaging Forum and deepen your knowledge about innovation and digitization. Enhance your analytical skills, intercultural competence and creative thinking in a once-in-a-lifetime experience with future change makers!


Shenzhen Fall School 2019 – Report

Day 01 - 2019

Maximilan Harl reports from the first day of FAU Shenzhen Fall School:⠀
On our first steps into our joint experience with PKU in Shenzhen we learned who our companions were and realised the diversity in backgrounds but also the chance for our joint learning experience. ⠀
We also learned how to fly (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle drone simulations)! Now we can also take care of crops with drones purposed for agriculture. Additionally, we now have the WeChat contact of the president of the Shenzhen Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Industry Assoziation! And to celebrate all this coming together on the first day, we enjoyed hotpot for dinner and totally overate.

Day 02 - 2019

Day two report of FAU Shenzhen Fall School from Katharina Knab (Integrated Immunology) and Frank Theil (Medicine):
Celebrating their 20 year anniversary, we visited the Beijing Genomics Institute today. Their recently finished China National Gene Bank was nearly as impressive as their comprehensive genome sequencing solutions. Having played a major role not only in the sequencing of the SARS-Corona Virus in 2003 but also identifying the exact E.coli strain responsible for the outbreak in Germany in 2011.
Afterwards the Executive General Manager of Healthwork (Tianyi Group) in Shenzhen welcomed us and gave a tour through one of their outstanding checkup centers. Following a intense Q&A session we concluded the day with a shared dinner.
A very enlightening trip came to an end thanks to the excellent organizational work of PKU, BGI and Menian. The expectations for the next days are very high. We are looking forward to be hosted by Chinas largest medical device manufacturer.

Day 03 - 2019

Day 3 report of FAU Shenzhen Fall School by Christine Hader, International Business and Xucheng Huang, Information and communication technology: This morning, our hosts from PKU took us to BYD Build Your Dreams. BYD started as electric battery company (1995 with 20 employees) and focused on energy production and storage applications. Today, they are a major global contributer to electro mobility and focus on public transportation (now with 240.000 employees). As a final surprise we recieved the opportunity to test the sky train. After an adventurous traditional lunch on a roundtable, guided by our lovely hosts, we headed to Mindray. The global player gave an insightful demonstration of their latest developments in Patients Monitoring & Life Support and In-Vitro Diagnostic. We got the unique experience to disover the devices in the show room hands on e.g. the blood detection device and cardiac ultrasound imaging machine. Another memorable day went by too fast and we cannot wait for tomorrow’s adventure starting with a lecture offered by the PKU!

Day 04 - 2019

Day 4 – Lecture & Electronics – reported by Luca Hummel (Biology) Instead of starting with a fancy company visit we began the day with a lecture by Loe LIU, vice president at Ping An Fund about the basics of the rapidly growing Chinese economy and the Chinese way of life. For instance one National Trend which is getting more and more common is to make life more convenient in all aspects from paying with the smartphone or face ID over online shopping to food delivery services. I guess Im not allone with my mixed thoughts and concerns when it is coming to face ID and paying via Alibaba but it gave us the chance to have a deeper look into these topics. Last but not least we visited one of the biggest electronic markets in China offering every electronic device or part you can imagine from low to high price and quality. Today gave us a huge boost for the understanding of Chinese economy and entrepreneurship.

Day 05 - 2019

Sunday – Leisure time & city trip.

Day 06 - 2019

Day 6 report of University of Erlangen-Nuremberg Shenzen Fall School by Sandra (Mathematics) and Hamid (Medical Engineering) After visiting Beike, a Biotech Company and one of the largest stem cell providers in the world, we were invited by Martin Vitzthum (a former FAU student ) to Siemens Healthineers with an introduction, Q/A Session and a guided tour through the production site of the world leading company in MRI. Siemens Shenzhen Magnetic Resonance (SSMR) produces about 1/3rd of all MRIs sold by Siemens. We finished the day with a keynote by FAU Professor Heinrich Sticht about molecular simulations.

Day 07 - 2019

Day 7 report of FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg Shenzen Fall School by Jonathan von Hebel (Electrical Engineering) Allina von Pflug (Business Studies) und Franziska Paulini (Economic Sciences):
Today we learned how to get better insights into ourselves than an MRI could show. At Huawei we were introduced to their concept for enterprise solutions with a virtual overview of a prototype of a secure and intelligent city. In the following discussion we learned about their plans of wearables for health applications. At Tencent we got introduced to new details about their cloud services and AI. The experts then gave us a deeper insight in the healthcare AI R&D of the Tencent AI Lab.

Day 08 - 2019

Day 8 report of FAU Shenzen Fall School report by the whole team: Shenzhen Biotech Summit – Huge exhibition center – we were the most popular photo motive – conference with renowned speakers – a lot of effort in Health care by chinese – German branding attracts customers – Shinny Talks – wandering through the convention – from learning first aid to tcm supplements and advanced imaging technologies.



Day 09 - 2019

Day 9 / Last day report by Klaus (FAU Digital Tech Academy )
The day started with a visit at the leading Chinese start up consulting company for innovative materials SEIR. The General Manager of entrepreneurship service Don Huang provided us a sneak peak into the start up activities of Shenzhen before we headed of to the Ping An International Finance Center. On Shenzhen’s highest tower we enjoyed the amazing 360 degree panorama. Back on the university campus we all shared our insights and feedback before we completed the program with the lovely PKU – FAU cake.

All participants could not thank 卢悦/Laura (MSc in Corporate Finance and Banking) and 向婧/Jenny (Bachelor of Environmental Science and PhD Candidate of Engineering) enough for their 24/7 commitment, their organizational talent and for the PKU’s professional program! Laura and Jenny: “You are our heroes”. Hopefully we will see you soon in Erlangen.
I wish all participants a nice and safe journey and arrive all well again in Erlangen/Nürnberg.


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