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Our Mission

For 275 years, research, teaching and learning at the Friedrich-Alexander University has been a passion for people of all ages, backgrounds, and goals. The outstanding collaboration between researchers, industry partners, and students have contributed to creating knowledge that has never stood still – it is constantly in motion with its own dynamics and across national borders.

This mission and the continuous strive for innovation have finally guided FAU to the top of the European innovation ranking. As Germany’s #1 INNOVATOR and Europe’s #2 (Reuters 2019), FAU has proven to have innovation capability rooted in its DNA.

Our Offer

In line with our mission ‚Knowledge in Motion‘ and our continuous strive for innovation, FAU developed its new training series FAU Global Programs. These programs enable scholars, entrepreneurs, and students from all over the world a high-speed enrichment of their entrepreneurial skills, the unique opportunity to experience the world’s hubs for innovation and digitization as well as the opportunity to connect with seasoned scholars and experts.

Where do you want to set your knowledge and entrepreneurial strength into motion?


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